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Spring 2016 at Dippers

Another year has begun at Dippers bringing some exciting changes. Don's bog garden is continuing to develop and the new raised walkway will enable our guests to enjoy it with us. We are grateful and very happy that the owners of the glade (across the river from our garden), have entrusted us to manage the area and we want try and enrich it with wildflowers and grasses. We did manage to take a reasonable hay crop from it his year and I have been delighted to extend my apiary and now have two hives over there.  

During these wet winter months when the bees are not very active, we have used our bee-cam to monitor the river and, from the comfort of our dining room, we have been able to witness some dramatic rises and falls in water levels during the storms.

Once more, we are pleased to say that our good friends in the village (recipients of the hay) are rearing some Large Black (rare breed) pigs for us to enable the provision of our special bacon and home made sausages for breakfast.

Reluctantly, we have after seven years with no change, decided to increase our prices this year to meet overheads, but will continue to give you our very best service - AND - we have made some exciting changes to our breakfast menu as you will see! Don't forget that evening meals are available here by arrangement.

We are pleased to welcome Karin and Dave our new landlords at the Crown Inn


Spring 2015

Has anyone spotted the problem?!! Should have done this on April 1st!


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West Milton - 2 miles north of Uploders
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